Monday, July 29, 2013

Home sweet home

Normally, I would start the blog by telling you about the things that have happened over the week in order. However,the end of this week trumps everything else so I will start there.  We are happy to announce Amelia got to come home from the NICU on Thursday! We could not be any more excited or in love with this child, hence the delay in making a post....neither of us have been able to put her down long enough to write it!

This week started out hard, Amelia was supposed to come home Sunday, however Saturday night after giving her a bath and nursing she had an episode where her heart rate slowed and oxygen decreased and so she had to stay. It was such a hard day because we had gotten so excited and ready for her to come home and yet once again we had to leave the hospital without her. I think that day was the hardest so far for Ryan & me. Our hearts were broken and discouraged that there was no longer an end in sight. We both had no encouragement left for one another because we were both so tired of the NICU and so ready to have our baby home with us.  We went home and I cried as we left the NICU yet again and we prayed for God's timing and protection.
The following Sunday morning we woke up and went to church and the title of the sermon was "encouragement". We both knew then that God was saying, even when you don't have the strength to encourage one another, I am here doing it for you.  
In order to help cheer us up that day, Amelia's nurse took a photo of her with the NICU camera and posted it above her bed. It is one of the sweetest photos and shows her little happy disposition. Here is the photo:

We also set up a night to do a "rooming in". These are nights designed for parents to come & sleep in a room off the NICU with the baby and practice what it will be like at home ( except with a NICU nurse available & the monitors still on). The doctor had not offered us the option because he felt we would not have any trouble caring for her at home since we are both physicians, but I told him we needed the night emotionally just to have more time with our baby. We called it our "NICU slumber party" and I'm so glad we did it.  It was the first time in 54 days since she was born that we had privacy as a family. The first time that there wasn't a nurse or other families around while we held her. The first time that the only noise in the room was us and not the sound of 5 other babies crying or monitors going off.  It was wonderful and the closest to normal that we had gotten to.  The way the NICU rooms are set up, sound bounces and every monitor sounds like it is going off right above you.  We had developed a little bit of anxiety every time the noise of a monitor alarmed. Ryan & I over the past 2 months had developed a system of saying "not us" when another baby's monitor went off to reassure the other that Amelia was doing fine and no need to pay attention to the monitor. That night in the room alone was so nice, there were no "not us" alarms.
Our NICU slumber party

The day we got to bring Amelia home was wonderful. We got to say our goodbyes & thank yous to the nurses who have taken care of Amelia over the past 55 days and then put on her "going home" outfit and leave with our baby girl. In an odd way, it felt like what most families must feel when they leave the hospital 1-2 days after a normal delivery. Our home coming was only 55 days delayed.
Last picture in the NICU

Thank you treats for the team who cared for Amelia. 

Now that we are home, we are getting adjusted to our family of 3. She is such a good baby that the transition has not been hard. We have her in a bassinet next to our bed for now. The hardest thing for me has been going to sleep at night. I just want to lay there and watch her sleep. I still worry so much that she is going to stop breathing.  Everyday we thank God for this beautiful baby. It is still hard to believe that she still is not supposed to be here for another month. She really is amazing. Here are some photos from the week.  She is up to 5 lbs 13 oz as of Friday.  :)

After her 1st bath at home 
First trip to the doctor 
First walk outside
Daddy serenading his girl...she is already so spoiled! 

Please continue to pray for Amelia that God protects her inside and out. Pray for us that we will have peace and trust in God's plan and protection of her. Pray that we will be the parents God intends us to be. 


  1. Well, it is raining on this great grandmom's face! I cannot wait to hold her again, sing to her, and read her a story. Still praying and love you all.

  2. I am happy beyond measure!! God is so good!