Monday, June 24, 2013

Amelia's Baby Steps

After adjusting to the fact that Amelia was actually here, our next step was adjusting to the NICU and the fact that our baby girl would not be leaving the hospital with us.
Right now she is still so small that she can't keep herself warm so she has to stay in a isolette.

  They allow us to get her out for "kangaroo time" where we keep her close to us with skin to skin contact to keep her warm.

Her bilirubin was also high during the first few weeks so she had to go under the UV lights for a few days.  We have laughed that this is the only artificial tanning her parents will allow her to do. 

She initially did not require any oxygen, but after a week she realized maybe she wasn't as big as she thought and had to go on a little oxygen.  We are now in the process of weaning the oxygen off. 

Over the past 23 days, we have been in & out of the NICU watching her grow. Everyone has been amazed at how well she is doing. She is tolerating her feedings of breast milk through a small tube in her nose and when she is old enough they will start allowing her to attempt swallowing by mouth. For now my motto is "praying and pumping" because those are the only two things i can do for her right now. Amelia is  now up to 3 lbs 7 oz! It doesnt sound like much, but she is growing fast and getting stronger each day.  We are so proud of her already! 

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  1. Hi, Beth! This is such a great tool, I still have some of my thoughts, etc. on notebook paper!! Thank you for inviting me to share on this incredible journey. What a sweet baby!
    Praying for you all...